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Logos and Branding

"Image is everything!" someone once said. A bit overstated? Perhaps. But not all that much in today's Visual World.
Your logo is often the first thing people notice about your company. It creates a sense of who you are in the customer's mind. A more relevant axiom is: "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression."
Your corporate or band identity, portrayed through your logo, becomes the remembered impression you create in your public's mind. Your logo represents who you are.
A good logo has marketing power and clear emotional impact
A good logo has the power to stand out in a visually busy world
Every logo project is special for Dean Design. That's because we know how important the result will be to our client's business for many years to come.
Developing a logo is not a simple process. Like all creative challenges, it is evolutionary. It takes time and patience. Getting it right is all important.
The Dean Team begins by working with you to define the uniquely attractive, authentic character of your company or product. Back in our studio, we visually portray a variety of image concepts that capture its most important essentials.
Artist's pencil sketches come first. They may be many and varied. We offer guidance about the strengths of each. You select the one that feels best to you. Your choice establishes the direction of the rest of the project.
Next come true-to-life graphics providing a "first draft" of several full-color alternative renderings of your selected concept. We also present black-and-white versions--especially where newspaper advertising may be important to your marketing plan.
Our client determines the number of rounds of revisions that will follow. It may be only a few. Or--especially where multiple approval levels, committees and boards are involved--there may be a great many suggestions to try out.
How do you get started? A good first step for clients in embarking on the logo-building process is to evaluate existing work. Take a close look at some of the logos in our Logo Portfolio. See if you can identify the feeling each conveys about the company or brand it represents.
The next step we recommend, of course, is to contact us.


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