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Sauders Eggs

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Sauder's Eggs

     A decade ago, at a time when eggs were considered a commodity, we developed a brand and distinctive packaging for Sauder's Eggs, in Lititz, Pennsylvania. The rural Pennsylvania farm depicted in the logo is an actual Sauder's farm.
     To reinforce a sense of quality, we developed a series of wholesale and point-of-sale marketing themes. Promotions included the Lower Cholesterol campaign, the Sauder's Gold nutritionally enhanced eggs campaign, the Animal Care campaign, and the Tested Quality campaign.
     Over the years, Sauder's production and sales figures have increased dramatically due to the greater perceived value of their eggs. The folks at Sauders assure us that Dean Design's work is an important factor in the company's astonishing growth, one that has allowed them to imprint a lasting, value-added impression of the Sauder's brand name in supermarket bins throughout the east coast.
     We are proud of our continuing role in developing innovative product positioning campaigns and exciting packaging to help Sauders continue to grow to become the large, important regional retailer it is today. Sauder's eggs are no longer a commodity, but a much in-demand, branded product.