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Huntsinger Farms

     Huntsinger Farms is a multi-generation potato farmer in rural Pennsylvania. Historically they have sold their potatoes through private labeling, but have always kept their own name and address on the packaging.
     A few years ago, their primary private label customer redesigned their packaging. Huntsinger's name was excluded, leaving the operation in a vulnerable marketing situation.
     The folks at Huntsinger Farms came to us with the mission of helping them develop their own brand, to give them more leverage in the marketplace. We designed attractive new packaging for them using a new process for color printing on vinyl. Our research told us that this technique could solve the problem of simultaneously exposing the product for buyer inspection, yet protecting it from the harmful effects of ambient light. The new packaging dramatically and attractively stands out in produce departments. It reinforces Huntsinger's quality, and authentically presents the brand owners as a family with a proud farming history.
     A top drawer produce distributor soon saw the value in the handsome new packaging, and teamed up with them. It wasn't long before the Huntsingers were pleasantly surprised to receive fan mail thanking them for the quality of their produce from areas where they didn?t realize their potatoes were even sold.
     Huntsinger's marketing position is no longer vulnerable. Their unique identity, creative packaging and savvy distribution have lead them to brand name independence. Dean Design is proud to play an important, continuing role in the Huntsinger success story.